How about Google adsense


How about aoogle adsense,along time, when i try tobe a publisher, and I have many problem about it, Iam a farmer and I don’t know basic of social media before, but I always try and atempt cause Iam not to be a surounder and I don’t wanna be a hoppeless.

I have been know the Google adsense 1,5 years ago, as I know mark zuckenberg as Ceo of The google adsense, and I try and writen article what to be able I write.

Problem about how to be a publisher of google adsense

Truly, there are not a problem, after as long as a I know about it, but the rules and terms that given by the google adsense must be obey, and I learn one by one, and I feel that so, very difficult for me who haven’t basic of knowledge about it

The end as I see

Where as, many knowledge of google adsense. Support for that with the solution given by, the best is be patience waiting for your approval in second review, and thank’s I get it ! so, for the new one in social media and wanna be a publisher of google adsense, dont be hoppeless, constan in writing the article and believe in it, google adsense team appreciate what you have to do become a publisher in it. As I did I have been secong approval as long as I fell.

Something best, if you’re working hard, belief and learn more and more certainly, and see you later, best eor G.A. regards, writer.

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