The Stories goes 2

The Stories goes 2.See and meet again, have a nice day ! here taking the stories that was gone but here to be told as a memories. And that child crying in the night, but what the accident to him ?

Memories tell to us , he saw many of unseen thing that around him, he cried and said  , why are you here boys ? he still cried when their of unseen thing answered what he wanna be knew.

And his parents asked to him, what to be happen my boys ? he just quite, he don’t want his parents know what happened to him and he just said , Nothing mam, no one and no everything to be happen here , but he couldn’t hide his tears.

He and unseen

The Stories goes 2, As long as time , he know what the unseen told, their told him that their wanna be his friend, in different creature and world ? its no matter ! sure he not afraid of unseen but their his friend !

He don’t cry again , but he happy the other of the world to be here and coming in different style, its so sweet , he though. But the other man , anxious  and find there , why he as speak to him self , and that become suprised them, but no him.

He just tell them, you’re unsight what I saw ! and play with the other world is habit of him, he he yea, different is not one to devided man and unseen, but human being did it,

Read too, The Stories goes 1, In the night, the unseen satdown beside him , talking about everything he dont know about it, How the unseen creature living, and so, their told him, their have a family and i adult to be marriage, having a son and be a parents, isnot different thing as human being be, here in the real world, see you latter in the next stories, regards me, author.

Asep Zepelin

Hanya Manusia Biasa Dengan Sejuta Mimpi yang akan menjadi nyata.

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