The Stories Goes On 1

The Stories Goes On 1. I am a boy that was born in years ago , and I still have been living in the life that many of suffered and cries open the door in the world.

See the world as seeing and going happy, but is that true ? Absolutely , I don’t think about that, but that I though life must be on, in many of trouble and difficulty that always walk in side of life.

And , so that I have been have ! here the world is going climb ! and I see , that is my life, friend ! and in the first I’m not understand, why it happen for me , but as long as time , at the end I see once time, that is true of my life as I walking on in deep of life and making someone and something  tobe happy.

Hear me in unseen thing

I still remember, how my childhood gone, their are many of memories that  I shoud be remember now, here and it’s made my life good in future , that era which I saw the unseen thing, and in that time I dont believe about ,  my mind ask to me, why its happened , why ?

Now, laughing that I did, when I tell A stories that used to be close to my life , the unseen  thing is a friend , with kindness and making happy too.

There are much of children playing in the groung, laugh together and they are spoketo me , let’s play friend, I still remember and I wanna tell the stories was gone but here in my mind , see you latter, author.




Asep Zepelin

Hanya Manusia Biasa Dengan Sejuta Mimpi yang akan menjadi nyata.

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